Since our beginning in 1989, the Nashville Division’s emphasis has been on commitment and loyalty to customers. However, we understand that saying it and doing it are two different things. Our focus is on DOING!

The strength of the Nashville Division is rooted in the people that make up our workforce. Every last employee is committed to the pursuit of great customer service. Please contact us and see for yourself what a dedicated, service-oriented supplier can do for your business!

  • We understand that customer service is customer-specific.
  • We understand that anyone can stock steel; therefore, the value of service is critical in separating us from the pack.
  • We understand that long-term benefits may require short-term sacrifices.
  • We understand that the cost of labor can be every bit as critical as the front-end price.
  • We understand that having fun and taking business seriously can be done together.
  • We understand that the sale does not end when the truck leaves the plant.

Contact Information

Siskin Steel & Supply Company
4040 Jordonia Station Road
Nashville, TN 37218

Phone: 615.242.4444 or toll-free 800.756.7001
Fax: 615.242.5252 or toll-free 800.284.5252
Email: [email protected]