The structural beam, also known as an “I-Beam” or an “H-Beam”, is a structural member that has an I or H cross-section made up of a web and two tapered perpendicular flanges spanning both sides of the web.

Wide flange beams are similar in cross-section, but are less tapered and typically will have wider flanges. Structural beams are produced in carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Beams are one of the most iconic and important structural members of building construction. We can provide carbon and alloy steel beams ranging in size from W4 x 13 to W44 x 335 in. lengths up to 70 feet. We can also supply stainless steel beams in the standard ASTM size range in 304L and 316L. We can offer aluminum beams in AA and AS Standard I-Beams, AS Standard H-Beams, and AS Wide Flange Beams.

We specialize in processing beams on our CNC multi-axis CNC structural thermal plasma cutting machines.

Carbon Steel

W4 x 13 - W44 x 335, S3 x 5.7 to S24 x 121

Stainless Steel

W4 x 13 - W44 x 335, S3 x 5.7 to S24 x 121