All of our facilities have hi-def plasma/plasma cutting capabilities.

Our Chattanooga Division features an 800 amp hyperformance multi-axis head plasma capable of cutting weld prep bevels while it is cutting the profile. This extra feature saves your company time by being able to receive your plate and bring it straight to welding. Our 800 amp machine is capable of cutting through 4″ thick stainless plate while maintaining a quality edge with minimal kerf.

Hi-Def Plasma Cutting Capabilities

  • Carbon Steel – maximum thickness of 2″
  • Stainless Steel – maximum thickness of 6-1/4″
  • Aluminum – maximum thickness of 6-1/4″
  • Multi-Axis Bevel Head
  • Max 120″ x 576″ Table

Benefits of Plasma / Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

CNC high definition and hyperformance plasma cutting allows for high speed, economical cutting with great edge quality. Depending upon your part tolerances and thicknesses, plasma cutting is a good alternative to laser cutting. High definition plasma cutting provides virtually dross-free and minimal slag cutting reducing clean-up time and labor. We offer reduced lead times on our plasma cutting by having the ability to pull our own material from inventory. We can cut up through 6-1/4″ thick stainless and aluminum plate on our 800 amp machine. Our Global Rotator bevel head allows for cutting weld prep bevels including V, K, X, and Y bevels. Our maximum table size is a large cutting envelope of 120″ wide x 576″ long giving us the capability to process virtually any part size you require. High definition and hyperformance plasma cutting also provides improved bolt hole quality compared to traditional plasma cutting.