We have the resources to help provide material testing per your requirements. Material testing options include DT (destructive testing) and NDT (non-destructive testing). DT is a process that uses physical samples that are destroyed in the testing process. Examples of different types of DTs include methods such as tension tests, Charpy impact tests, bend tests, peel tests, crush testing, corrosion testing, fatigue testing, and pressure and fracture testing.

The NDT process is exactly what it means: a non-destructive test that does not harm the material sample. Examples of different types of NDTs include visual inspection, ultrasonic tests, radiography tests, eddy current tests, magnetic particle tests, dye-penetrant tests, and hydro tests.


  • Carbon and Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Common NDT and DT testing


Material testing is a necessary process in the production of metal. Typically for the alloys that we offer, most of the material testing is already done at the mill before it arrives to us. However, some circumstances come up where your project might require further testing depending upon the end-use application and quality requirements.