The structural channel, also known as a “C-channel”, is primarily used for structural applications ranging from building construction to support members in O.E.M products. It is also known as a “C” profile due to the nature of its design consisting of a wide flat “web” and two “flanges”, at the top and bottom only, protruding on one side. Channels are produced in carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum predominantly in a hot rolled form of production for steel and stainless steel and extruded in aluminum. Stainless steel channels can also be laser fused.

We can supply standard channels in carbon and alloy steel ranging in size from C3 x 4.1 to C15 x 50 and Miscellanies Channels (MC) channels from MC3 x 7.1 to MC18 x 58 up to 60 ft lengths. We can offer the full ASTM steel size range in stainless steel, including 304 and 316. In addition, we stock a full range of aluminum channels in both structural and American Association dimensions. We can process your channels per your requirements on our structural saws, tube lasers, or our multi-axis CNC structural thermal plasma cutting machines.

We can saw-cut your channel or take advantage of our multi-axis tube laser cutting or multi-axis structural plasma burning centers for intricate and precise custom processing per your drawing.

Carbon Steel

C3 x 4.1 to C15 x 50, MC3 x 7.1 to MC18 x 58

Stainless Steel

C3 x 4.1 to C15 x 50, MC3 x 7.1 to MC18 x 58


2” x 1” x 1/8” – 12” x 2.960” x .300” WEB