Our Nashville Division features a Kinetic K5000 all-in-one combination multi-axis plasma cutting and a 24 tool holder plate machining center.

The K5000 can plasma burn your plate and then machine it on the same table. It can drill, tap, mill, counter bore, chamfer, hole interpolate, thread mill, bevel, mark and more per your requirements. The K5000 excels with larger and thicker parts ranging through 8″ thick.

Kinetic K5000XMC Capabilities

  • Plasma up to 3″ thick
  • Oxy-Fuel up to 8″ thick
  • Plasma beveling
  • Oxy-Fuel beveling
  • Drilling up to 4″ hole
  • Tapping up to 2″ hole
  • Milling
  • Counter boring
  • Hole interpolation
  • Thread milling
  • Part marking
  • Table size” 8′ x 20′
  • Cat 50 spindle with 24 tool stations

Benefits of the Kinetic K5000XMC Plasma & Machining Center

The Kinetic K5000XMC combination thermal cutting and machining capabilities makes this machine an essential and efficient part of our equipment fleet. This machine eliminates our need for complex fixtures, multiple setups or moving workpieces from station to station. We can cut, mill, drill and more all in the same step providing a cost effective solution for your machined plate requirements. This machine is excellent for machining hard AR plate saving your labor time and tolling life.