All of our locations have long product saw cutting capabilities. Our equipment range includes vertical, horizontal, miter, and high-speed saws.

We can cut small quantity orders or high-volume production cuts ranging from small diameter bar up through large structural profiles measuring 42″ x 25″ x 60 feet in length. Our Spartanburg Division features a new BLM TS72 high-speed production cold saw.

Saw Cutting Capabilities

  • All beams, channels, tubing, angle and bars any type or size up to 65′ in length
  • Maximum width 42″
  • Maximum height 25″

Benefits of Saw Cutting

Saw cutting is one of the most basic processing services available. Saw cutting structural carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products to length helps you, as our customer, focus on your core capabilities and bring material in already cut to size per your requirements. We can straight cut up to a 42″ wide profile and miter cut up through a 36″ wide profile. We can cut a single piece or provide high-volume production runs to cover your needs. All structural and long product profiles can be saw cut from beams, channels, angles, tube, tees, and bar including round, hex, and flat bar. Our BLM TS72 production cold saw in our Spartanburg Division provides tight tolerances and high-speed cutting on smaller profiles with a quick lead time. If you are ordering stock length material currently from us, give us a shot at saw cutting it per your requirements and save time and consumables in your delivery process.

Manufacturer Video Courtesy of BLM