The structural angle is a basic metal profile with two legs at 90 degrees. Angles can be equal leg or non-equal leg and can be considered “structural” angles or “architectural” angles depending on their dimensions and alloy. Angles are used in a wide array of structural or architectural applications from building and bridge construction to equipment manufacturing. Steel angle is commonly referred to as “angle iron” or abbreviated with the letter “L” representing its shape. Metal angle comes in carbon and alloy steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Most steel angles are produced via a hot rolling process — running hot metal through a set of roller dies — while aluminum angles are extruded through a die. For non-standard dimensions, angles can be custom produced to size by custom mill production. We can perform value-added services by processing your angle to length via saw cutting or more intricate processing on our tube lasers or our 6-axis plasma cutting equipment. This CNC equipment can cut angle per your requirement cutting holes, slots, custom designs, and more.

We stock angle from L1/2” x ½” x 1/8” up to L10” x 10” x ¾” in 20’ and 40’ lengths.