We offer a variety of sheet metal and plate custom perforating options. For low run custom perorating needs we can run the pattern on any of our CNC lasers or can offer mill perforating on large QTY orders. We can perforate per your pattern and requirement in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Perforating on our lasers gives you the design and engineering freedom to come up with patterns that do not require any tooling and can be cut with as little as one piece.


  • 24 ga sheet through 1” plate
  • Carbon, stainless, and aluminum


Custom perforated metal has many uses and applications. It can be ascetically pleasing from an architectural point of view while providing benefits such as creating partial shade or allowing for ventilation of a building façade. Perforated metal can also have industrial uses as well such as assisting in filtration or separation processes. Holes can be round, square, hex, or freeform. With a wide variety of materials and virtually limitless design creativity, call on us to help provide for your needs.