Celebrating 247 Years of Freedom

Happy Independence Day to all of our valued customers, vendors, and employees. In observance of this day, our locations will be closed on July 3rd and 4th.

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Group of Steel Workers displaying a Safety banner.

Summer Safety Campaign

Wrangle In Safety!

Get ready for a safe summer! We’re excited to launch our 2023 Summer Safety Campaign for all our locations. This campaign will focus on the unique challenges of working during the warmer months, developing a plan to keep each other safe, and pledging to the practices outlined below.



  1. Wearing weather appropriate workwear and PPE
  2. Clean drinking water near workstations both inside and outside the shop
  3. Scheduling strenuous work during the cooler times of the shift
  4. Ensuring all first responders know how to identify and properly treat illnesses
  5. Creating an open environment for discussing potential challenges
  6. Educating drivers on safety outside the truck


Our drivers have the unique opportunity to deliver directly to our customers. To ensure the safety of both our drivers and our customers, we have provided four additional safety tips geared specifically for drivers.



  1. Always enter and exit the truck using 3 points of contact.
    This is called the Three-Point Contact Rule and is crucial for drivers. “Three points of contact” means the driver should always have two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand in contact with the truck. Following this rule gives a driver the most stability when entering and exiting a truck, reducing the risk of a slip or fall.
  2. Don’t climb and carry.
    Avoid climbing in or out of a truck while carrying anything. Doing so will prevent you from using the Three-Point Contact Rule. Climbing up or down, grab onto fixed items such as doors, steps, or the steering wheel. Don’t rely on wheel hubs or tires to climb out.
  3. Look before leaving the cab.
    Before leaving the cab, make sure the steps and handles are clear of any hazards or any other objects blocking the path. When ready to exit the cab, always face the cab and move slowly out of the vehicle once all hazards are out of the way.
  4. Pay attention.
    Focus on climbing up and down the stairs carefully. Don’t get distracted by your phone and other objects.


Our top priority is the safety of all our staff, drivers, and customers. Following the steps outlined above will ensure the safety and quality of our work.



Inside Spartanburg's new warehouse.We’re thrilled to announce that our Spartanburg expansion is now complete. In just a year, we have doubled our square footage and added Structural Steel to Spartanburg’s inventory. We installed a new Hydmech horizontal saw to process structural steel, allowing us to cut up to a 32” square. Additionally, we have a new Messer Plasma/Drill machine arriving soon.


Are you in the surrounding Spartanburg area in need of structural steel? Fill out the RFQ form and our expert sales team will be in touch.


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