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Common Questions about Carbon Steel

What is the composition of low-carbon steel?

Carbon steel is composed of carbon, iron, and other elements. Low-carbon steel has a concentration of carbon between 0.05%–0.29%.


What gives carbon steel its strength?

All steel contains carbon. The higher the carbon content found in the steel, the stronger the material. This is due to carbon’s unique chemical composition that allows the element to easily form covalent bonds with other elements, increasing the stability of the molecule. High carbon content allows for stronger steel, but lower carbon content provides more ductility.


What is ductility?

Ductility is the ability of a material to be shaped, changed, or formed without losing strength or breaking. This is an important characteristic of low-carbon steel.


What is the ductility of low-carbon steel?

Low-carbon steel is the most ductile type of carbon steel. Due to its lower carbon content, low-carbon steel can handle more force without breaking compared to steel with higher concentrations of carbon.


Does carbon steel lose strength when recycling?

According to World Auto Steel, carbon steel is one of the only materials that does not lose its properties when recycled.

Buy Your Low Carbon Steel at Siskin Steel

We hope that all of your burning questions about carbon steel have been answered. Siskin Steel offers low-carbon steel in various forms, including hot-rolled sheets and plates for general fabrication (i.e. base plates, toe boards, or tanks for liquids.) We also offer cold-rolled sheets for shafting and machined parts. Cold-rolled sheets can be used for cabinetry, machine covers, or anything that needs a good surface for painting.

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